Mini USB Nano Mist Sprayer

Handy little nano-mister for refreshing lashes and the face. Sound waves pulverise the water particles into a fine mist that has a smoke effect.


1. The nano-ion replenishment won't destroy your makeup
2.USB charging, mini and portable
3. The sprayer is designed with a sliding cover
4. Abundant water stored in a tank whose capacity is 20ml
Product efficacy:
Fast replenishment, replenish moisture for the skin
Product parameters:
1. Product material: nano-atomization chip
2. Atomization quantity: 6ml / min
3. Battery capacity: 550mAh
4. Capacity of the tank: 20ml

How to use:
1. Hold the cover of the water replenisher and rotate it counterclockwise
2. Add water to the tank
3. Screw up the cover clockwise

4. Slide diamond down to spray


Whats in the box:
1* data cable
1 * the main machine

Type: USB charging
Model Number: IG0001300
False Eyelash Craft: Hand Made
Material: Plastic

feature 1: nano mister for eyelash extensions
feature : nano moisturizing spray apparatus
Material: ABS
type: USB Charging Nano Mist Spray
Feature1: nano mister for eyelash extensions
feature2: Beauty Instrument With Spray Bottle
features: nano water spraying apparatus

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